Common colour temperatures for led light panels

This article will guide you through what colours are used on standard light panels.

The most common white colours for LED light panels are measured in KELVIN:

  • Warm White: 2700K

  • Warm White 3000K.

  • Neutral White: 4000K.

  • Cool White: 5000K

  • Daylight: 6000K

  • Daylight: 6500K.

Note that these values may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer and model of the LED panel.

If a specification sheet says Daylight 6000-6500K (a range of 500kelvin) be very careful. This proves you maybe getting into guess-work or that the manufacturer is not correctly specifying the colour temperature of the light panels.

Any variation over ~250Kelvin is visibly noticeable and should not be entertained.

Guessing what "white variation" you have purchased and meaning when (or if) you re-order you cannot have a chance to match the colour temperature easily.

At BEST LIGHT PANELS when we say something is 6500K it is 6500K or within very tight tolerances - according to that model and a measurement standard.


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