Dimming LED Panel Lights

Basic intro that puts led panel dimming into context.


The current standard for light panels is not-dimmable. We aim to change that.
Most professional light panels when you investigate the led drivers required to operate them require "constant current" to be reliably powered.

The majority of entry level led panels available today are non-dimmable mainly as they are produced to a quality price ratio and come with a basic led driver included.

Some of the led panels we sell are cheaper than us supplying a dimmable driver on it's own, we pass on a lot of savings when you buy a standard LED Panel and, it's almost inconceivable now that the prices of 600x600mm LED panels are now breaking the £20.00 each barrier in relatively small volumes.

Many of our LED Panels have very detailed specifications and many can dimmed. BEST LIGHT PANELS have a lot of experience in designing complete hardware, lighting and dimming systems for offices, retailers and commercial applications.

Dimming Options for Light Panels:

TRIAC - Mains Dimming
A lot of our panels can be upgraded with drivers for mains-triac dimming. TRIAC or mains dimming is the most basic dimming option and a favourite with electricians. In our mind TRIAC is not really the best for LED panels or any LED Lighting application when other newer digital protocols / approaches have major advantages and do a lot more than basic dimming.

ANALOGUE 0-10V / 1-10V
Some LED panels can have drivers that can take 0-10V or 1-10V signals from basic wall dimmers.
Has some advantages over TRIAC but still a traditional 'non digital' system.

Increasingly popular / de-facto standard in Europe for DIGITAL LIGHTING. A protocol that can be used in simple or complex lighting networks, can include sensors, can be 'smart'. We also have cost effective light panels with DALI drivers included.

Wireless bluetooth mesh system very flexible, easy to retrofit and surprisingly fun for us to help you commision or integrate into other systems, DALI included.

Open standard being promoted by Phillips HUE, IKEA and other big players. Not usually associated with installation or control of commercial lighting products like our panels. Nonetheless, has interesting scope and likely easy for us to help you.

Best-cabled system that can drive a lot of panels from a single point. We have a special 3kw driver for this particularly easy for us to set up with TRIDONIC light panels or light panels that do not exceed 48fV with a current draw of 700mA per channel.


We have a small range of RGB LED Panels that can be powered and dimmed easily with 24V (Constant Voltage) via our PWM constant voltage multi channel dimmers. Relatively easy to install but not normally associated with commercially installed light panels.